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Customer Feedback.

10/10! Based on purchase process and price for product I bought, which were both very good. Also like the follow up/check in. Nice touch.
- Ken

Still can't believe I received my order within 2 days. Mind boggling.
- Al

This company is great. It was cheaper than Amazon and the shipping was free and terrifically fast! Would definitely recommend.
- Ben

Headphones Canada

Headphones Canada is focused on making your audio listening experience sound and feel better. Our aim is to offer unique, high quality headphones, in-ear monitors (IEM) and earphones at a price point for everybody - shipped from within Canada. Everyone wants the best music experience they can get, within the budget they can afford. Whether you are a commuter, office worker, home HiFi enthusiast, live musician or studio engineer, we strive to offer a headphone or earphone that matches your sound tastes, needs and satisfies your audio goals. We focus on three categories - in-ear monitors for musicians and music listeners, HiFi headphones for those on the go, at home/office, recording musicians and engineers, and earbuds for people who like a typical mobile listening experience without the need to have sound isolation or a specific fit. We also offer HiFi music players, headphone accessories and portable speakers that we feel will compliment your musical hardware collection. Our goal is that you, the listener, will feel your music, not just hear it.