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Shure SE215 $10 Instant Rebate Offer

Purchase a set of Shure SE215 earphones between now and 31st December 2016 and get an instant extra $10 off! These were $129.00 and are now $119.00! Great offer to make presents and christmas gift ideas easier.


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Universal IEM vs Custom IEM

So you're a musician or a music lover on the quest for great in-ear earphones or monitors. The question is, do I get universal IEMs or spend money on a fancy set of Custom IEM? We hope the following helps you understand some differences between Universal and Custom IEMs. We are not here to make your mind up but present some differences and perceptions.

Let’s start with Universals:

Benefits of...

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Headphones Canada welcomes Cypher Labs to Canada

There are few things we like more than audio artisans. For 4 years Cypher Labs have been making amplifiers and other cool accessories like high end cables. Their valve/tube amps and portable headphone amps are well loved by the audiophile community. Headphones Canada is excited to welcome Cypher Labs to the site.

Our first pick was the C6iemIEM's which are a triple balanced armature driver which...

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DN-2000J now in Canada

The DN-2000J is shipping and we get out first allocation to Canada very soon. We're excited about this model as they have taken a lot of the feedback around their existing lines i.e the Titan1, DN-2000and DN-1000 and created something unique and exciting in audio terms. This model will not be replacing the DN-2000, rather adding another model to the line. The DN-2000 and DN-2000J are tuned...

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Astell & Kern have just released the new Astell & Kern AK Jrportable music player. This brings the cost of down compared to their higher end units and allows a more affordable enriched audio experince. The AK Jr really is a great start to anyones audiophile journey. It includes 64GB on board memory with the ability to increase that by another 64GB via a microSD card. It plays a wide range of audio...

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