Artist Profile: Giles Taylor as Freddie Mercury

Giles Taylor - Freddie Mercury - Queen - Shure SE535

What are you doing right now?
Currently in the middle of a world tour with the 'Queen - It's A Kinda Magic Show'. We've just finished the west coast of the states and are now heading to Australia for six weeks of dates there. 

What City are you living in now?
Between London (UK) and Montreal (CA)

What do you do?
Vocalist, Keyboards/Piano

Where was your first gig?
My first ever live performance was at the age of 8 in some horrendous school talent contest.

What have you been listening to recently?
I do enjoy classic rock but I listen to everything from avant-garde Jazz performers to Electronic Dance Music. I don't really care about the genre as long as it's done well and performed sincerely.

Who are your favourite musicians?
Being a vocalist and pianist I listen to a lot of piano based music and was brought up listening to a lot of Billy Joel and Elton John however, There is nothing more satisfying than a powerful emotive vocal for which Freddie Mercury of course takes the crown. 

What did you buy from and why did you choose them?
I purchased a pair of Shure SE535's onto which I had fitted some custom moulds. The 535's are tried and tested and were Shure's flagship IEM before the 846's were released. Whilst I considered purchasing a set of 846's the 535's are suitable for my needs on stage.

What do you look for in a pair of IEM's?
I only use one ear monitor when I perform on stage so I have a more live and less clinical foldback overall. I like my IEM's to have a flat response and not be too heavy on the bottom end. Also a comfortable fit is essential. I find the 535's fit snugly around my ear with little adjustment required and when coupled with a custom mould make for a secure overall fit.

Where do you use your IEM's? Live, Studio or Personal listening?
Live performances

What is the most important piece of gear in your kit?
My 535's and my PSM900 wireless monitor system

What is your advice on touring?
I tour for about ten months of each year performing in large theatres and arenas. If you are going to be on the road continuously for any length of time then you need to keep yourself fit and healthy because the toll on your body from constant touring is something that you can only imagine until you have done it. By all means party hard but work hard at the same time and most importantly rest hard!

Giles Taylor as Freddie Mercury - SE535 Canada

If you gave one piece of advice to young musicians, what would it be?
If you really want to succeed as a performer its not as hard as some people may think. You only have to be better than the guy who is at the top at the moment and one quick look at the current pop charts and you can see that raw talent is no longer essential to success. More so, determination and hard work will forge you a career as a working musician.

What other headphones or IEM's do you own?
I have a spare pair of 535's a set of 425's and a pair of Sennheiser IE8's

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Social Media
Twitter: @G_Taylor_QIAKM
Instagram: giles_taylor

Where can people see you perform or buy your music?
All worldwide tour dates are available on the website:


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Photo Credits: Michael Lynn Jr.