Artist Profile: Sharon Pereira

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Artist Profile: Sharon Pereira

What are you doing right now?
Currently, I am working on my original album which is to be released January 2015. I am songwriting and singing in this album. My brother, Clive, is the composer to all of the songs in the album and co-writer to most as well. Currently, I am busy with gigs along with places like the Scottish Rangers Club, and private parties.

What City are you living in now?

What do you do?

Where was your first gig?
My first gig was a family's wedding in Malta in 2006. I sang Christina Aguilera's Beautiful

What have you been listening to recently?
Lately I have been listening to Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Nico and Vinz, and Robbie Williams

Who are your favourite musicians?
My favourite musicians include: my dad and my brother, and then idols such as: Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Robbie Williams

What did you buy from and why did you choose them?
Personally, the best earphones my brother and I have purchased which we found absolutely incredible are Shure headphones. I can definitely say the same thing about my Shure microphone as well. 

What do you look for in a pair of IEM's?
The quality of the way they sound. I ask myself am I going to enjoy the quality of these IEM for my everyday lifestyle.

Where do you use your IEM's? Live, Studio or Personal listening?

What is the most important piece of gear in your kit?

If you gave one piece of advice to young musicians, what would it be?
Practice, practice, practice. As simple as that!  

Anything else?
I dealt with a lot of bullying growing up and music and singing have both helped me to write about my troubles, and to sing my problems away. Performing has helped boost my confidence as well as my self esteem. Without it, I'd be lost in this world. 

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Social Media

Where can people see you perform or buy your music?
I am currently working on my original album and by the beginning of 2015, these songs will be posted on iTunes under Sharon Pereira. 

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