Cypher Labs arrive at Headphones Canada

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Headphones Canada welcomes Cypher Labs to Canada

There are few things we like more than audio artisans. For 4 years Cypher Labs have been making amplifiers and other cool accessories like high end cables. Their valve/tube amps and portable headphone amps are well loved by the audiophile community. Headphones Canada is excited to welcome Cypher Labs to the site.

Our first pick was the C6iem IEM's which are a triple balanced armature driver which comes with a bunch of great accessories and is popular with Hi-Fi fans. In addition to the C6iem we also have the Sustain84 desktop headphone amp which is not only damn good looking, but also a work of genius. Vacuum Tube Class A amp with NOS ECL84 that will look great on your desk and make your music sound fantastic. 

In the portable headphone amp department we have added the Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Trio and Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Picollo. The Trio is a portable Tube headphone amp that is battery powered. The Picollo is an analog headphone amp that gives a good boost of clean power.

Finally the Theorem 720 DAC is a fully integrated DAC for desktop or mobile use. It can connect into the bottom of your iPhone via included adaptors, android (select models), or your computer.

We're excited to have Cypher Labs included in our range. If you have questions let us know.


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