DN-2000J now in Canada

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DN-2000J now in Canada

The DN-2000J is shipping and we get out first allocation to Canada very soon. We're excited about this model as they have taken a lot of the feedback around their existing lines i.e the Titan1, DN-2000 and DN-1000 and created something unique and exciting in audio terms. This model will not be replacing the DN-2000, rather adding another model to the line. The DN-2000 and DN-2000J are tuned differently with the DN-2000J model aiming for a higher audiophile market. All reports to date indicate te DN-2000J is a super sounding affordable audiophile earphone. This is a low impedance IEM that comes with a great range of accessories and sexy looking steel case.

Interestingly the DN-2000J also ship with a range of Comply tips in the retail box - a great idea if you ask us considering how many people like Comply tips (us included).

Like the DN-1000 and DN-2000 this model is a triple hybrid earbud with 1 x 10mm dynamic driver and 2 x balanced armature drivers (BA). A balanced and smooth sound.

Buy the DN-2000J from Headphones Canada

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