Welcoming JH Audio to Canada

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JH Audio Canada

We're excited to welcome JH Audio (Jerry Harvey Audio) to Canada. With a 15 year history of building in-ear monitors for some of the greatest bands and musicians on the planet, JH Audio have earned respect. Now we're happy to launch the JH Audio Roxanne - a new Universal IEM with 12 BA drivers - 3 sets of 4 mini quad drivers. With unique features like adjustable bass from the cable and soundrIVe patented technology you'll be blown away.  This is the first of many universal IEM's coming from JH Audio with the Angie and Layla following soon.

They say if you want it done right, do it yourself. That's what Jerry Harvey did. As a sound engineer with Van Halen he realised the IEM market was falling short, so he began the quest for perfect IEM's for musicians. JH Audio was born, the story continues.

Check out the full range of JH Audio universal IEM's available in Canada. 

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