Review - Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC (Bluetooth / Noise-cancelling) Headphones

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This review of the Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC was done over a 30 day period with office, air travel and walking involved (not that much walking if we're honest...). Sennheiser are not new to the wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones scene. Their early models like the PXC 250 (and then PXC 250-II) are legendary and the PXC 550 sit at the higher end of their wireless ANC offering. Now they enter with a very aggressive take at the Noise-cancelling headphones market. The Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC wireless headphones surprised everyone when they entered the market at well under $300. So how do they perform, and how...

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Westone W50 Review (The Dark Chocolate)

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Westone W50 Review


Individuals familiar with the Westone house sound will feel right at home with the W50. The W50 is the five-driver model in Westone’s current second-generation “W” series consumer line-up and embodies the same smooth and relaxed sound signature that Westone is renowned for.

In terms of positioning within the line-up, it slots right under the W60 which is the 6-driver flagship that...

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Chord Mojo Review

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Chord Mojo Review - Headphones Canada

We need to start this review with a very simple statement, and with this statement you could stop reading and just go buy the Chord Mojo:


This review of the Chord Mojo amp/DAC will take a slightly different angle to our normal reviews. That is to say, we’re not going to focus on specs as much, the reason being it’s what you hear that matters most. 

We first ran this using Westone W60’s and...

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Westone UM Pro 20 vs UM Pro 30

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Westone UM Pro 20 vs UM Pro 30 - Canada

The Westone UM Pro 20’s and UM Pro 30’s are often put next to each other by our customers. The question is whether that extra bit of cash is worth the upgrade. We know when people buy the Westone UM Pro line they are not always buying for live music/monitoring and studio use. Most customers want to an earphone that can be both used for listening to music and studio monitoring, while others only...

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Westone UM Pro 20 Review

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Westone UM Pro 20 Review - Headphones Canada

We often have people asking us for demonstrations and reviews to show the different between the Westone UM Pro 20 and UM Pro 30. We’ve always spoken highly of the UM Pro 30’s as a great balance with 3 BA drivers, so reviewing the UM Pro 20’s has always been on the list. We’ve been listening to the UM Pro 20’s for a couple of weeks and have tested them on the Vancouver Skytrain, flights to Toronto,...

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