Album Review: RUINS by Kris Morris

Kris Morris - Ruins

First heaping of praise for this Album from Kris Morris goes to Nash and Kasey Chambers, Jeff McCormack for recording and producing an album as raw and gritty as the songwriting and singing that accompanies it. The clarity on the guitars in the first two tracks alone is enough to leave you feeling like you were sitting in front of the Amp in the studio, like you could almost reach out and tweak the knobs. This album sounds particularly good with the Westone UM Pro 50's which leave the live feel of the album without processing the sound at all. A pair of Shure SE535's and SE846's would also do the album justice.

Morris has written quite the album and his guitar playing and vocals shine through. There is honesty in his songwriting, playing and singing. It's like he has found his rhythm and isn't afraid to let us know.

Steve Fearnley and Jeff McCormack play a solid rhythm section and lay down solid grounding which allows the guitar and vocals to bring the stories to life. A tight production team with Jeff on Bass + Mastering - Kasey on production + backing vocals, Bill on Guitars/Lap Steel + Vocals comes through the album as you can feel the investment in the finished product and not just guns for hire in the booth.

If this album doesn't get you feeling, you might already have lost interest in breathing. These songs tell stories like no 'Dog left me, Truck broke down' could ever do. A strong smattering of edgy blues and tough country is what you get with each song but you won't leave the album feeling total melancholy - these songs make you feel good, while listening to sad tales. Strange, we know. I don't want to mention the talent here, and I don't want to make comparisons to Damien Rice on tracks like 'She's like a record' but we just did. Not in style but in raw, natural lyrical talent and honest ability. Kasey Chambers background vocals just sit so nice with Kris' vocal talent.

We give this album massive kudos and recommend it to anyone who loves good production, strong guitars, talented songwriting and wailing vocal grit.

Top marks Kris Morris, well done you.

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