Audeo PFE 012 Review

Audeo PFE 012 Review - Canada

Wow, These things pack some bass in for a unit at this price. The audio engineers at Phonak define it as ‘Perfect Bass’ on the package. The PFE 012 are designed in Switzerland and the build quality is top notch, nothing but confidence when you pick them up. It’s worth noting that the audio engineers at Phonak have an extensive and deep knowledge of the human ear being that they are a world leader in hearing aids.

We can’t lie, sitting here listening to Sleep Sound from Jamie XX and some other tracks including Jay Z, Tiesto is impressive for an earphone that is so small and affordable; and for earphones under $150 these definitely give many other brands a good run, and then some, in the bass department. We also tried some acoustic Damien Rice, Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam. Overall rock didn’t feel like it settle as well in these but folk, acoustic, pop, classical and R&B/Dance sounded great.

The best way to describe these is natural. Very good sound stage and instrumentation. They are fast and the mids present well, a little on the warm side which is comforting in a strange way. Detailed is another good descriptor. If you don’t get a perfect seal then don’t expect the bass to hit you hard, if you do manage to get a good seal you’ll not be able to avoid the solid bass. There is a very light feel of compression to the final sound which might be why we felt Heavy Rock/Guitar heavy music didn’t resonate as well as we’d like.

The only thing that people might want a little more of is some cut and treble which you’ll might get in the W10 and SE215 a little more.

Colour us impressed but these things are tiny, comfortable and pack really solid bass with a really nice overall sound scape. The honest, natural sound is easy to enjoy for long periods and they’ll pack down super small for travel and commuting.

The PFE 012 sit over the ears like an IEM, not straight down, and have a draw tie on the cable to tighten them behind your head. The ear tips are silicon and come in three sizes. The middle size was a great fit for us. Nice isolation is strong and sits around 23dB which is good.

If you’re looking for a sports earphone, office earphone or something for the commute these things will sit right in the pocket for under $150. If you have small ear canals these should be good for you also, if you don’t then you have 3 tips to choose to get it right.

Special shout out to Jamie @ for the sample pair of PFE 012 to review.

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