Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

The DT 770 Pro has long been a studio favourite by engineers, musicians and mixers. It's an affordable closed-back headphone with 3 optional resistance choices. 32 Ohms is a newer addition which suits those are looking to use the DT 770 Pro with a mobile device i.e iPhone, Android phone, Tablet etc. You can also get it 80 Ohms and 250 Ohms depending what your using them with. Most studio environments will handle the 80 and 250 fine. For this DT 770 Pro review we are using the 32 Ohm model through an Astell & Kern AK Jr using FLAC files. We don't have a million files loaded in the AK Jr but we have a great mix of styles and genres.

DT 770 Pro Headphone Review

DT 770 Comfort

The first thing we've noticed about the DT770's is the comfort. These things are light on the head and the circumaural design gives our ears loads of room, this moves the pressure away from the ears reducing the fatigue we might otherwise expect. If you have glasses, or big ears, you'll like these too.

If your look to use these in the studio you're going to enjoy some long use, but like all closed back Cans you can expect some warmth to occur over long periods. A cool studio will be fine, and if your commuting then these are perfect.

DT 770 Unboxing Review

Noise Isolation

The DT 770 are fabulous. The world (or studio) around you is pretty much gone once you put these over your head, and completely gone once you have any kind of music or signal through them.  If your in an office you'll forget there are people around you. If your in the studio your going to be able to focus 100% on the signal your mixing or mastering. 

Audio Quality

The advent of the 32 Ohm model makes the DT 770 great for people wanting to use these for music only and general use with portable devices - offices, commuters, home listening etc. It's important to remember that these are designed for professional use - studios, recording musicians etc. So if you're an audiophile remember these are designed to let you hear all the frequencies and instruments separated and balanced. They do this extremely well. We love the sound of these because of that, they provide great instrument separation and isolation. The DT 1350 also do this well and beyerdynamic should be applauded for keeping such great quality headphones at affordable prices. If you're looking across the $200-$250 price range your probably going to end up looking at the ath-m50x also, which are a best seller - we'd suggest if you're into hearing music like a musician then these should be in your line up also. These are cleaner and more balanced, the m50x give a little more boost to some frequencies which suits other tastes for sure. We also tried some classical and expected the sound stage to be a little muted or close with a closed-back headphone - well...they weren't, in fact, the sound stage was open, the instruments separated and overall one of the better balances we've heard for classical. Bravo beyerdynamic! Next was Adele - 21, we figured this would provide some good full band rock vibe - Set fire to the Rain has a good strings and heavy bass line. The bass line comes through heavy for sure, surprising us at first, but the vocal remains the hero as the mastering intended. 

beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Review

Bass Notes

The bass on these is there, strong and not overpowering. It's not boosted and isn't overly tight. We tried some Sia and then some Ellie Goudling as they both have multi-layers of acoustic and machined generated audio. The vocals remained the star of the show with these which was nice. The heavy synth was sitting down deep and solid in the bottom which was perfect. You could play with the Bass in mastering to tighten more then the Studio mix. 

Mid Notes

The mids on the 770 are great. They are there, natural and not overpowering which is better than most units at this price. It's so easy at this price range to end up with mids that are artificial or over processed. These mids are very true to life - the mid point in the vocal range is really nice and we can imagine listening to these for long periods of time with out experiencing fatigue. They remind us of a good SM58 - affordable, solid and natural sound reproduction. Mixing with these would be enjoyable and we can imagine you'll end up with a better end product having cans that produce true to life mids. 

Highs (Treble)

The highs were not over the top and will sit well for most people's listening tastes. We put on Pink Floyd's - What Do You Want From Me because if anything is going to bring out the crisp top end it's a Dave GIlmour solo. We like a sibilance so we wouldn't have complained if there was a touch more sssss there but again, you're not going to experience a lot of fatigue listening to these and they do represent the trebles well, and in balance with the other frequencies. 

DT 770 Pro 32 oHm Headphone Review

DT 770 Pro Review Conclusion

For listening on a mobile device (32 Ohms), or Studio work (80 Ohms/250 Ohms) these are a versatile and all-round winning headphone. They are not new to market (well, the 32 Ohm model is) but continue to deliver great sound for home or studio work. The most impressive point is the price. The build is solid, it's plastic and steel, but it's solid and the ear pieces are comfortable and be a good fit for most people - perfect for people sharing cans in studios too. We'd be especially quick to recommend these to people in offices or other environments where noise isolation is important - they are impressive in that regard.

They come with a soft case, headphone jack adaptor and are made in Germany. For the price - definitely in our highly recommended pro headphones choices.

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