64 Audio

64 Audio was formerly called 1964 Ears. Historically they have been famous for their custom in-ear monitors. In 2015 they began a new series of Universal IEMs that was met with great industry applause. 64 Audio has a unique and proprietary technology called Adel. The Adel technology allows for the release of pressure built up in the ear canal naturally caused by the seal IEMs create when sealed correctly inside the ear canal. The result of the ADEL system is to release that pressure which creates a safer listening experience and a wider sound stage. The name 1964 (now 64 Audio) reflects the year that Rock music had a good year, but more importantly the year the first in-ear monitor was created by Stephen Ambrose. The U series IEM range offers a listening experience for every ear and every budget.

Headphones Canada is proud to be an authorised agent for 64 Audio and their U-Series earphones.