Beyerdynamic Headphones

beyerdynamic have been around since 1924 when Eugen Beyer started building speakers for the Cinema. Today they are a world leader in building headphones for professional use and personal listening pleasure. Known for their solid quality and affordability, beyerdynamic have been impressing Canada for years with audiophile quality headphones including the T1 and T5p. They are also known well for a few industry standard pro headphones including the DT 770 Pro and DT 880 Pro. As a headphone company that innovates they have developed a select number of headphones with Tesla technology, giving a world-class sound to audio and music listening. In recent years Beyerdynamic have also partnered with Astell & Kern to create some truly first-class audio earphones and headphones. Here at Headphones Canada we can't say enough good things about beyerdynamic, and we know you'll embrace their audio craftsmanship too.