LSTN Sound Co

LSTN Headphones started their company knowing they wanted to give back. Working with the Starkey Hearing Foundation they give money to support the work of helping people all over the world. They support helping people with hearing aids and other hearing improvement devices - it's really awesome work. The good news is, not only are you doing good when you buy LSTN (pronounced Listen), you also get a great looking, and sounding set of headphones. They changed their name to LSTN Sound Co after realising they wanted to expand their product line. Really well priced and nice attention to detail means their entire range of products, which now includes speakers and earphones, look like a work of on your head. 

Wood finish on all their products adds to the sound signature and makes for a stunning look. LSTN Headphones are available right here at Headphones Canada, they are based in West Hollywood, California.