Westone earphones

Westone Audio are based in Colorado, US. They have been focused on earpieces and in-ear monitors since 1959. They do more than earphones and in-ear monitors including hearing protection and some military stuff but in Canada they are best known for their awesome IEMs both custom and universal. They offer two key Universal lines of IEMs. The first is the W range which is designed for everyday listening for people who love their music and want to listen to the best at all times. The second Universal in-ear line is the UM Pro series. This range of BA powered earphones is designed for live music and studio use. Each is tuned differently and we're big fans of both the Westone lines - U series and UM Pro series. Westone was an early partner with Headphones Canada and we are proud to offer them to you. Additionally their warranty support and customer service is second-to-none.