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We know good music because we've spent over 40 years combined playing with some of the best gear, in some of the most the exciting venues in the world. From local open mike nights to 30,000 seat stadiums. We've played with some of the best players and chart topping songwriters. This experience has given us a unique insight in to the difference a good IEM set can do for you. Headphones, earphones and IEMs - if you get the right set, they change the way you listen to music, play music on stage, or record music in the studio. You don't just hear it, you feel it.

Headphones Canada - About Us

We are proud to be a registered Canadian company, based in Vancouver, providing the best audio headphone, earphone and in-ear-monitor experiences across Canada. We are also proud to be authorised dealers for Sennheiser, Shure, Etymotic, Jerry Harvey Audio (JH Audio), aurisonics, Grado, Audio Technica, Audioengine, Audeze, Westone, NAD earphone and headphone solutions, and more. We really believe that good sound is one things you should never be cheap about. Good music can change the way you live and feel about life. Whether you are a stage musician, road warrior or commuter. We know most of our customers just want a better music experience on the train, plane or office they work in. We want to provide the best to audiophiles and musicians playing live or recording in the studio.

You don't need an excuse (like 'I travel all the time') for wanting the best audio experience possible. If your a musician we offer a broad range of IEM in ear monitor solutions to suit your budget and usage. If your a travelling nomad with the need for good noise cancelling earphones and headphones, or just good sounds to keep you going we've get what you need too. And if you just like listening to music anywhere anytime, we've got products for you too.

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