audio-technica ATH-m70x Headphones

  • $399.00
  • Save $150

The audio-technica ATH-m70x are a closed back professional monitoring headphone. These things boast a 45mm dynamic large-aperture driver that have an awesome frequency range, from 5 to 40,000 Hz (but don't expect more Bass than the m50x, these are tuned very differently). These have a natural sound signature and you won't find anything tweaked or lifted in the sound signature. Being designed for studio recording, DJ and mastering work, these things are designed to represent the audio signature in a true to life way.
These have 90 degree swivel earcups for easy one-ear studio/home, live monitoring - and DJ'ing too.
audio-technica are always generous when it comes to accessories. The ATH-m50x also have plenty of extras.
In the box:
3m Straight Cable
1.2m Straight Cable
1.2-3m Coiled Cable
Cable Case
Headphones Case

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