beyerdynamic DT 1350 headphones

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The beyerdynamic DT 1350 (80 ohms) are perfect for monitoring, studio recording and even getting some DJ action happening. A fan favourite, these are a supraaural set that is lightweight but really durable and well made. You can read our full DT 1350 review too. Starting at 5Hz to 30,000Hz Made with Tesla technology which allows low levels of distortion. They give a balanced sound overall. For a supraaural headphone, these offer great sound isolation making them perfect for monitoring and recording environments. They are also very portable, one of the best in this class. In addition to the noise isolation they have an adjustable headband and 90° swivel ear-cups for single-ear monitoring, this will be popular with studio musicians who like to hear the live ambient feel from their instruments, but also to keep a click track or similar guide track in one ear (that's how we like to record). Comfortable adjustment options with the way the headband splits and raises and lowers - even plane travellers are going to like these. The max sound pressure level is 129 dB!
Made in Germany, great build quality and good looking. Quality audio, Tesla technology, wide frequency spectrum - the DT 1350 are sure to satisfy.
This is the straight cable 
Comes with: 
Carry case (nice case, not solid but very practical)
Stereo jack plug
Airline adaptor plug

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