beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Headphones

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The beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium are a premium audiophile headphone from beyerdynamic (not to be confused with the Pro model). Coming in 250 ohms or 600 ohms you'll want to power these with something tasty (e.g. the beyerdynamic A 20 or a nice home HiFi system). These are made in Germany and have a wonderful open design to them. Light and comfortable for long listening sessions the DT 990 Premium have been a favourite with HiFi audio fans for many years. Circumaural design and a frequency response from 5Hz to 35,000kHz. If you are a pro studio audio type then check out the DT 990 Professional model.

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  • Hello,i would like to buy this product,my question is ,the 250 or 600 ohms,i have a Cambridge Audio Azur 651A integrated amp and a Cambridge Audio Azur 851W power amp.Thank you,Richard

    You'd be fine with either if you have the 651a and 851a. If you are ever thinking of going mobile with a portable amp like a FiiO A5, then the 250 Ohm would be a safer bet.