beyerdynamic T90 Headphones

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The beyerdynamic T90 are a circumaural open back headphone with a 250 ohm impedance aimed at audiophiles and music lovers everywhere. The frequency response is fantastic from 5 - 40,000 Hz with a wide open sound stage and excellent sound representation. These are another in the solid line of Tesla headphones from beyerdynamic using their proprietary technology.
For the best response, especially with Bass response you might choose to pair this with a headphone amp, depending on your source. Something like the beyerdynamic A 20 amp would be perfect.
In the box:
1.4" plug adaptor

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  • I have two questions: 1) what is the material used for the ear pads and do you sell them separately? 2) do you also sell the Beyer headphone amps? Thank you for your answers.

    Hi - in answer to your questions: 1: Velvet microfiber/Velour 2: We do. Which model were you interested in?