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Dunu DN-2000 earphones

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It's enjoyable when you get an earphone like the Dunu DN-2000. It's made of a hybrid of 2 x BA (Knowles Balanced Armature) drivers and 1 x Dynamic driver. This gives you a smooth yet punchy result for your audio and suits any music. The DN2000 are great all-rounders and you're going to enjoy packing them in for travel or music work anywhere you go. You can get up to 26db noise reduction with a good fit and they have a customisable fitting process by way of the headphones rubber foot at the base of the earbud chamber. This means you can wear them over the ear in IEM style, or down the front in earbud style.
Tight Bass, clear mids and crisp highs - all for an affordable price. Ladies and Gentleman, we present the Dunu DN-2000 - affordable, surprising and pleasing to the ear. We were impressed and sure you will be too at this price.
Comes with:
Multiple fitting tips (with adjustable frequency rings)
Wings (or Fins) / Spacers
Hard case
Airline and Stereo jack adaptor
Gold plated plug

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  • Hi, I'm looking for a IEM similar to the MEE audio Pinnacle P1. Neutral with wide and detailed sound stage, no listening fatigue and comfortable ear insertion. Tight, but not pounding bass. More balanced distribution among frequencies is preferred. Mainly used for commuting but also appreciate sound in quiet environment at home for long hours of listening. What IEM would you recommend? I'm looking at the IE80s or Dunu D-2000. My budget is $400. If you have other recommendations, please suggest. Thanks! Luis

    Long listening and balance frequencies - you could also look at the Westone W20 (or W30 if you can stretch). Super comfortable, very balanced sound and low fatigue. The other two you have chosen, particularly this DN-2000 (or the DN-2000J) have much stronger bass which is a consideration.