Etymotic ER-4PT MicroPro Earphones

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The Etymotic ER-4PT earphones are perfect for travellers who want great sound at an affordable price. These are balanced armature drivers which bring a true and honest audio experience for the discerning listener at an afforable price. They come with a full range of accessories and offer great sound isolation (especially when used with the foam earbuds). Some consider these a must have in your music collection and you'll begin to hear things you never heard. For the price, they're hard to beat for sure. The PT stands for Power Travellers.
The ER4-PT include the adaptor for adjusting the accuracy.

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  • Does the 4pt come with in line adapter as mentioned on Etymotic\'s website? Can\'t decide between the ER•4PT and the ER•4S? You have both with the adapter included with the ER•4PT. ER•4P to ER•4S adapter cable The inline adapter converts the response accuracy of the ER•4PT from 86% to 92%

    Yes, the ER-4pt ships with the adaptor included.  

  • Does this product come with cable that converts it to 100 impedance, (ER4S)? or does it need to be purchased seperately?

    Yes, the ER-4PT includes the impedance conversion cable. So if you can't decide between the ER-4s, or you want the best of both worlds then the adaptor can help boost the response accuracy of the ER-4PT (from 86% up to 92%).