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Audiophiles rejoice, the Shure SE846 are here, and they will blow you away. It's a tough competition between these and the Westone W60 but these, mostly because of their superb bass response might just pip them at the post. Of course, sound is a subjective thing so if you don't want to feel like someone put an ampeg bass stack in your head, you have options. We like having an ampeg stack in our ears and so the SE846 make us happy, in fact they make most people VERY happy. The Shure SE535 and SE535LTD were the lead Shure IEM's for a long time and people applauded how great they were. The SE846 are a clear earphone which come with quad drivers. These 4 drivers pump real subwooder/mid/treble through an incredible built casing to your ears. Perfect for audiophiles and pro musicians alike you will want to be serious at this price range and you won't be disappointed. You'll find it hard to hear roll off on the highs and almost zero microphonics when your on the go, in part because of the over the ears design (we love over the ears design).
A unique feature of the SE846 is the filter options. You can change the sound signature depending on which audio filter you choose. These are included in the pack and there are instructions for use. e.g Like more highs? Change the filter!
It's not just the sound that make these things stand out - the Shure 846 in-ear monitors come with a premium carry case which is one of the little touches that help elevate it to a higher level. In addition to the case it comes with:
Detachable wireform cable
3 pair foam sleeves (S/M/L)
3 pair soft flex sleeves (S/M/L)
1 pair yellow foam sleeves
1 pair triple flange sleeves
Premium square carrying case (as mentioned)
1/4" adapter (6.3 mm)
Volume control
Airline adapter
45" detachable cable
Nozzle removal key
Nozzle inserts (2 pairs)
Cable clip and polishing cloth.
Comes in clear casing finish.

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  • Hi I wanna know the place of production? Is it from China or else? Thanks.

    These are made in China. Shure own a factory in China and this allows them to maintain their high production and manufacturing quality.