Westone W10 earphones (IEM)

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  • Save $52.35

Don't let the price fool you, these Westone W10's in-canal earphones are offer amazing sound with well balanced audio representation, especially around the mids and highs. Read our full review of the Westone W10's. It feels like there is a focus on the high mids which makes for great vocals and instrumentation in those frequencies.
These are modelled using the same technology as the Westone Custom series. Some might find the bass of other IEM's overwhelming where as the Bass in the W10's product more natural bass which represents well but is not over whelming. If you're a bass lover these might not satisfy. If you like a natural bass these are perfect. Single driver Dual replaceable cables
Comes with Red, Blue and Black faceplates so you can choose what matches your hair colour or personal style.

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