Westone W20 earphones (IEM)

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The Westone W20's are a dual driver member of the series Monitors from Westone. Taking the advanced technology of the iconic custom series from Westone, the W20's offer excellent balanced armature drivers and something you don't get with all in-ear phones is advanced crossovers (passive). Comes with two cables - standard EPIC and MFi which includes volume and mic for use with iDevices and similar. Westone W20's are a well rounded, well priced earphone that produces excellent sound for most, to all, music types.
What's in the box:
Cleaning tool
2 Cables - MFI Cable & EPIC Cable (one has inline controls for phones play/pause/volume)
Mini Vault Case
STAR Silicon Tips
True-fit Tips
3 coloured faceplates - Blue, Red, Black
Comes with a 2 Year Westone Warranty

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  • Does this come with the Westone case(mini vault) and assorted tips? As well as the 2 year warranty?

    Yes - we sell brand new, factory sealed Westone products. The W20 unit comes with the mini vault, multiple tips, 2 year warranty, two cables, cleaning tool etc. Westone always include great accessories with the W series.  

  • Does this come with the three colour faceplates and 2 cables?

    Yes it does. Black, Blue and Red. The EPIC Cable and MFi G2 cable.